5 Christmas Gifts I Wish My Dad Wanted

Ho ho ho… goodie.  Christmas is already back.  If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your dad, or any other man in your life for that matter, you’re not alone.  Men tend to be a challenge for holiday gift-giving because they seem to either have everything, or, in the case of my pops, they never give you ideas about anything they’d like.

I decided to search a few “Gifts for Him” pages to get an idea of what I can gift ol’ Dad this Christmas.  Here are 5 gifts I wish my dad would want.

Most dads aren’t like my dad, so you may actually have some luck using these ideas.

1. Cast iron moose bookend – Chapters $34.50

I know my dad won’t like this gift because I love it, and because he neither 1) enjoys reading or 2) has books on a shelf in general.

It’s cast-iron and would make a good paperweight as well, but since I made him one of those out of a heavy rock in pre-school, he’d find no use for this.

2. Fire starter – Amazon.ca $16.97

My dad goes fishing a lot, and he his boat has run out of gas once or twice that I know of.  I feel like if (if!) he put one in his tackle box, a fire starter just might save his life one day, or at least keep him alive through the first couple of nights.  Might need to put a Wilson ball on the Christmas list too.

He might like this fire starter, actually.  I will keep it in mind.

3. 1-Gallon small-batch beer brewing starter kit – Toronto Brewing $59.99

A lot of guys would love making their own beer at home.  This brewing starter kit gives a dad everything he needs to make his first small batch in a couple of short weeks.  (Note to buyer: Supply also some bottles, not included.)

My dad would love this, if only he were a beer-drinker.

4. Magic Wand programmable TV remote – ThinkGeek $89.99

This one’s a doozie.  If my dad doesn’t like this one, well, I don’t know where his whimsy’s at.  Who wouldn’t want to change the channel or tune out their noisy family with a magic wand?

It learns from his old remote and then he gets to look like a weird wizard using it in front of people or, even better, when he’s alone.

5. Pocket microscope – ThinkGeek $12.99

He can look at anything at 60-100x magnification with this pocket microscope. What’s not to love? This Christmas, show Dad how gross things are at a microscopic level. This may be a winner after all.

So that’s it. Five Christmas gifts I wish my dad wanted. What about your dad?  Do you know what he’d like yet?

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  1. Not gonna lie, I kinda love the book ends.

  2. Glad I’m not alone, Johanna!

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