Flickr Pro Free for 3 Months

As somewhat of a photo nerd, I was so excited yesterday when I logged in to see that Flickr was giving away 3 months of Pro for free.  What a merry Christmas after all!

free flickr pro account

I love Flickr. If you’ve never tried it and you love photography, now’s the time. This offer is extended to members old and new. I also had no idea you could post each photo to up to 60 groups, but I don’t think I’ve ever put any of mine in more than 15 or so. Sweet!

This means my current Pro account expires one day before my birthday. I asked Santa for a pro account renewal (remember, the photo nerd thing), so I might just have an automatic birthday present. I’ve never received a birthday present in December before. How exciting, if so!

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  1. Nice of them to give it to ‘old’ members. A nice present indeed. I’ve given a pro account to several Flickr members. Everyone accepted the pro account but only a few sent a thank you note. I never posted photo’s in 60 groups either. Or uploaded and played hd video either. Who wants to do that?
    Den Flater recently posted…beste wensenMy Profile

    • That’s generous of you. Did those people not recognize the cost of it? I’d have thanked you, Stef!
      The cool thing is it’s for new members too (if a new member already has 200+ photos, that’s pretty all right; they’ll probably be the type to want to stick with Flickr after the trial Pro account is over — great promotional tool for Flickr).
      I’ve never wanted to use the HD video feature either. Things like that are best saved for Youtube, no? I don’t know. I’m not big on websites mixing niches, except when it comes to this blog of course, haha.
      Nik recently posted…Flickr Pro Free for 3 MonthsMy Profile

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