How I Saved the Day (& Money) with Stickygram Save-the-Dates

I was never a big fan of Save-the-Date cards.  When I found out they could be magnets, however, I was floored.

I started with, which offers a lot of great samples, most of them quite customizable. I found a few issues, though:

  • There were maybe too many options, which might not be a problem for most people.  I got overstimulated!
  • The site started to slow down in Chrome, and I don’t like using IE or Firefox, so that was a problem.
  • I spent (ahem) two afternoons designing and deciding, only to find out upon checkout that they only shipped via UPS across the border. Given an extreme UPS customs charge and some ridiculousness at the depot from a recent order (not to do with MagnetStreet), we have vowed never to use UPS again. So I cancelled the order.
  • We just wanted small magnets, and most of the ones on this site were 3.5″x5″.  The smallest I could find was business card-sized.  We didn’t want to be taking up too much real estate on anyone’s refrigerator.

These are not MagnetStreet’s problems, they are admittedly due to our own pickiness, and I would recommend them as they are customizable and a decent deal.  It just didn’t work out for us.

Then I remembered a coupon I’d seen for Stickygram for January 2013.  How sweet it is! I thought, and I got to work.

How I made Stickygram Save-the-Date magnets:

  1. Check or other sites for Stickygram coupon codes — the one I used was for Buy 2 sheets, get 1 free for January, and Stickygram has had free shipping since I first used them back in November (!!!), so in my opinion, they rule.
  2. Open Photoshop (use any design program where you can specify measurements)
  3. Open a new square image, big enough to upload to Instagram without any distortion (mine ended up at 554px by 554px at 280 dpi for example; close to 2″ x 2″)
  4. Design until you can design no more, remembering key details such as your names + the date (most important!)
  5. Make sure text is aligned with the background exactly as you want it to be.  In Photoshop, use the controls below after selecting any Layers you want to align with each other. [Don’t forget to have the Move tool selected, top-left button usually in your Tools pallette, or these Layers will never align.]alignscreencap
  6. Print samples in 2″x2″ (Stickygram’s magnet size) to make sure text is readable and colours look as you’d like them to — do NOT skip this step, or you might be asking for too-small text or clashy-colours
  7. Upload JPG to your Instagram. (Note: This does not need to be 2″x2″ as it will be sized down anyway)
  8. Go to and follow directions to make magnets.
  9. Don’t forget! Enter that coupon code at checkout!

What I ended up with was an amazing bargain because two of my six sheets were free.  The print quality is excellent, the magnets are exactly as I designed them and shipping was free.

stickygram save the dates

Note the message on the Stickygram divider card that I requested.

9 magnets per sheet X 6 sheets = 54 pretty little Save the Date magnets exactly as I wanted them, 18 of which were free.

This might be a bit complicated if you’re less design-program inclined, and that’s OK!  MagnetStreet is great if you’re willing to pay for customs charges (if you’re in the USA, you only need to worry about regular shipping fees).  Maybe Retailmenot will have a decent coupon for them if you try them out.

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! How did you mail them? Did you create your own envelopes?

    • Thanks for your comment Liz! We actually just handed them out as we were able to see many of our guests in the weeks before, or passed them on to people who would be seeing them if we couldn’t. Got lucky. We were DIY’d out by the end of the wedding, so if I had mailed them I’d use small thank you card envelopes from Michaels or another craft store. 🙂

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