Boxer Puppy Gradually Falls Asleep

Our boxer puppy, that is.

Junior is just over nine weeks.  It’s a bratty age — going outside is becoming more fun and less a hiccup-inducing chore for him.  Only problem is the weather has been freezing/melting/freezing/melting so the ground is muddy and there is still ice to slip on.  Also, there are dried up bean pods everywhere in our yard thanks to the tree next door.  He loves batting at them with his paws and biting them.  Come on, boy!  It’s cold out, just pee and let’s go back inside! is what I’m generally thinking, standing outside like an arse in my t-shirt, because for a brief week in time, this dog would pee then immediately run back inside.

His falling asleep was the most serene 10 minutes of my day. Then I had to use the vacuum cleaner. Thankfully he was good with napping after that too.

The yellow dog and the brown dog are getting along very nicely, in case anyone was wondering. He’s still a lot easier to get along with than Casey was at his age. Housebreaking is less easy. Not sure if it’s because he’s a boy, but he haphazardly pees on the rugs, but also goes outside willingly most of the day. We take about a million pee breaks outside because sometimes 20 minutes after he goes out, he’ll decide the rug needs a bit of saturating. I think Casey peed on the carpet once total in puppyhood.

Ah well. Hopefully with time, right? He sleeps 5-6 hours at night without needing to go out. It’s just all the wrestling with Casey and the sleeping and eating that makes for an eventual good intake of fresh air.

So what do you think?  Should I throw him in the garbage or to the coyotes?  Answer in the comments.

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