Facebook Asking for Government Issued ID to Prove You’re Who You Say You Are

Woke up to a strange thing.  Miklos had been locked out of his Facebook account for not using his real name.  There is a problem with this theory: He has always used his full, real name.

When he asked what was up, he was presented with this:

facebook,real name

Email Miklos received today. Join the discussion on Facebook.

This apparently has happened to other people using their real name.  I’m using a variation of mine, and Facebook and I are tighter than ever.  Miklos’s new name, in case you did not click the link, is now “Miki Real Bacso”.  Sounds legit.  They allowed it.  He cannot change it, however, at least for the time being.  It doesn’t let him.

Facebook does not deserve to see your ID.  If this happens to you, do not hand it over.  I highly doubt the government would approve of sending JPGs of your personal information to a social media site in this age of identity theft.

What do you do?  Good question.  Change your name to something completely different from your real name?  Maybe that will sate the Facebook identity police at least long enough until they do a years-long investigation into your name (which is how long this must’ve taken, since Miklos has not changed his name in about as long as we’ve been together and they just locked him out today).

Interestingly enough, his account is synced with Twitter, and in his Facebook update sent from Twitter, it showed his actual (fake, according to Facebook) name:

facebook twitter sync, identity authentication on facebook

Miklos Bacso updated Facebook through Twitter with this, not “Miki Real Bacso”. How odd.

Great stuff. Hope this gets sorted soon, or else I might have to take the Real Bacso name, instead of just Bacso.

Has this happened to you?  How was it resolved?

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  1. I am a retired private investigator. What Facebook is asking is very dangerous. You should never post your real name and DOB online for any reason. Those 2 pieces of information are all that is needed for me to began pulling records on a person. Once that is done, you could be stalked or have your identity stolen. While FB “promises” to delete your personal document info, you should be aware that their record for handling users’ personal info in the past has not been as advertised. They have been sued for this several times! Once you send this info, it is out there for the taking, be it by internal theft, hacking, interception in transit, or FB just plain selling it in violation of their own policies.
    I would believe that the laws that govern private investigators should apply to FB in regard to what happens with this information they are demanding. They should be held responsible and liable, in both criminal and civil courts, for any misuse of the information they enable a third party to get access to.
    I am actively searching for any attorney who may be considering a class-action suit against Facebook for this negligent and dangerous practice. If anyone hears of a lawyer or group involved in this process, please forward that information on to me.

    • Valid points. I use a pseudonym personally because I have had experiences with stalking before Facebook began; for that reason, I can see the significance in your standpoint. Thanks for your comment.

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  3. I just feel so bad because this just happened to me, and I have a great community of friends on Facebook (making friends in “real life” has never been easy for me), and I don’t have money to hire a lawyer. What makes Facebook think they’re entitled to do this?

    • I agree. Sorry to hear you’re now dealing with this. I thought for sure these occurrences would have been long in the past for them. If you’ve contacted them, did you get an actual response?

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