Donate to Animal Shelters Daily for Free

There are a couple of great sites I visit daily. I’ve had them on my bookmark bar for years and if you’re a fan of helping animals without homes, you should too.

Best part is, it’s not costing you anything and you don’t need to sign up to do it. Sponsors pay the donations, as long as you keep visiting and clicking to show your support. And if you feel like donating your own money, there are ways to do that too!

  • The Animal Rescue Site — This site seems to allow you to click more than once daily — not sure if it counts every click after the first one, but it can’t hurt. There are other causes you can click on too, from Autism to Hunger to Diabetes to Cancer, and they have gifts to purchase if you feel like donating a bit extra to the cause. They have sponsored advertisements, so I would suggest clicking on those to take a look at who’s making your donation.
  • FreeKibble — Your daily donation of kibble whether you’re right or wrong answering one dog-related quiz question. Fun site started by a kid when she was 10 or 11 years old. She now has children’s books that can be purchased with the proceeds going toward shelter dogs as well.
  • FreeKibbleKat — Same site, but for cats.


It is so easy to help homeless animals these days. You don’t even need to watch a ten minute-long Sarah McLachlan commercial.

Happy Friday, everybody.

What are some sites you use to donate to causes? Leave them in the comments.

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