Torn Between Data and Reason — or Why Changing My Koodo Plan is a Big Deal

It’s no secret I love saving money. It’s a product of never having it, and when I do have it, I’m lost for what to spend it on.

Every few months either Miklos or I will check a couple of our regular expenses to see what we can cut back on. We even managed to cancel our cable TV last month. Worked out to $60 savings per month (and psst, we’re not missing out on much).

While looking into mobile plans offered by Koodo today, I noticed something very interesting. They’re offering a double-the-minutes, double-the-data plan. No matter what, I must switch my plan, even if it’s for the same dollar amount.

Say I’m paying $45.

My options (and let me say that the minutes do not matter, as who calls anyone anymore, other than for a quick question?):

$45 will now get me:

  • 1GB of data instead of current 500MB
  • 400 minutes instead of 200
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls


$30 will get me:

  • 200MB of data instead of 100MB
  • 150 minutes instead of 75
  • Additional data is $5 per 100MB

Now, therein lies the problem. A variable rate. Although for me, it probably would not be as variable. I know if I opt for the $30 plan, I will definitely be paying at least $5 more per bill, because my data usually ranges somewhere between 200MB and 400MB (on an extreme month). Most of the time, I have available Wifi and my background data is (as of a week or so ago, due to battery drainage issues) turned off unless I’m doing a dog walk. In this scenario, I could expect a monthly bill to be no more than $40, but usually $35. A $5-10 savings!

we are the same

But but but.

Look at all that data! I might never use it, but it’s there and it’s beautiful and it’s abundant! My money-saving side is battling my lush bonus-craving side, even though reason dictates there is ultimately no point to paying $45. What if I need it one day though? (I guess I mean “what if I need it every month eventually?”, if I want to make it worthwhile.)

What would you do? PS I have no idea when this promo ends, but I kind of want to get this done today.

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  1. You’ve done good. Fast forward 10 years, looking back we’ll be saying “lol $45 for 1gb?? Those were the days” – then we will have 100gb data for $45 because everything will be video streaming or who knows what.
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