On The Day Before I’m Married

I will have no time to write this tomorrow, so here it is.

May 31 is my last day, in my entire life, of being an unmarried woman. When I was a kid, I never imagined having a wedding. I imagined my story would be much like an Enquirer cover blurb I once saw proclaiming that Loni Anderson had proposed to Burt Reynolds. It would be like that, except that the guy would make me kiss him but then instead choose my weird friend who lived down the street who once had me draw a beer bottle in pen on her back.

Here I am though, a woman of the world (uh), about to marry a man who proposed to me, who I consider the best guy I’ve ever known. That doesn’t happen, does it?

When I met Miklos, we weren’t so formally introduced. We somehow started talking later on. We lost touch for a while but one day, years later, Miklos posted a beautiful picture of a sunset taken at Jordan Harbour.


I marked almost all of the series of splashy sunsets as favourites and commented. Five years later…

Even a day before I made that comment, I never thought I’d want to marry anyone. You can always just live with him forever if you like him that much. And I probably would have, but there is something wonderful about a person loving you so much that they spend months designing a ring they’re going to give to you when they ask you to be theirs forever. That, and we had a pretty good conversation about fonts one of the first times we hung out.

There’s also something very surreal about all the people you love and who have in one way or another shaped you into your current state making time to be in a room all at the same time to celebrate your love for one another. What a strange and beautiful moment in our lives that will be.

If you’ve ever gone walking and taken a turn down the street into a neighbourhood you’ve never been in and realized your town isn’t so bad at all, and in fact, there’s something really great about it… that’s how I feel.

Oh quiet.

So tomorrow is it. My last day still fully committed but technically, in the way that we’re not married yet, single. Can you believe it? I can’t, not yet. But I’m so excited to trip several times on my dress as I make it down the aisle to the guy I’m about to call my husband.

Now quit crying, ya baby!

[^^^ Note to self]

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