Cheapest Way to Unlock a Phone Right Now From Your Desk — $7.99

A CAUTIONARY EDIT: iPhones and other high-end phones will cost more than $7.99 to unlock using (and most other services, unfortunately), but don’t fear: The site will give your specific phone an unlock total BEFORE you check out. If you don’t like your price, don’t do it.

Selling your old phone and need to unlock it for cheap? Unlocked phones will make a much better profit than phones that still need to be unlocked, of course.

I’m hard-pressed to be able to show you any free codes, but I managed to find one that unlocked my old Koodo phone for $7.99. It guaranteed the lowest price and a full refund if the unlock code didn’t work, sent me the code within 10 minutes, and emailed detailed instructions with which to do it. Best of all, it actually unlocked my old phone, which is something I was scared to do, since you only get 10 attempts before the phone is hardlocked and you’re SOL.

First stop was the old provider to see if I could get it unlocked through them.

$50 to unlock a phone through the old network carrier. I don't think so.

Oh goodie. I’m made of money.

I scoured the internet searching for immediate solutions, where I found a video linking me to I was skeptical as I always am, because I am frugal and I also trust nobody online with my money. I saw they used Paypal, however, so I felt a bit safer. Also, they were $7.99, which was the cheapest I could find.

To me, $7.99 sent securely is worth not going to a shady back-alley phone unlocking place. That’s how I imagine them, but what do I know? They might be wonderful establishments in front of an alley in a great neighbourhood. I decided to chance it, and I’m glad I did.

Kudos, CellUnlocker. No kudos to Koodo.

Follow the instructions in this video. You should be able to find codes for most phones out there when you go to CellUnlocker. It even lists a phone I had back in 2006.

Take a video of you unlocking your phone however, because if your unlock code does not work, this will make it easier for them to troubleshoot/refund your money. I did this just in case. Thankfully, I didn’t need it.

Please know that I don’t get any kickback for advertising this site as I just found out about it, but I figured if you’re in a tight spot and you need to unlock a phone today, it would be nice to pass along the good word about a site I’ve used and know I can actually trust.

Have you used CellUnlocker or a similar online service to unlock your phone? What was your experience?

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