Pixlr Express: Photo Editing For Your Phone & Camera Alike

You’ve probably taken a picture of yourself with your phone at some point. Likewise, you might have taken a picture where you realized something was superficially wrong in that you weren’t 100% confident on sharing with the universe.

Maybe you had a blemish, or a black fly bite on your neck large enough to give the impression that you spent the night at Makeout Creek.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been mentioning Instagram a lot lately. In part, it has to do with my phone. The S4 takes wonderfully clear and crisp photos, and sharp HD video. I sure like it.

It’s gotten me into the idea of actual mobile photo editing and enhancement, and just generally having fun on my phone. For a while, I had a Blackberry that took awful pictures. My last phone was an LG Optimus Black, which took pretty good shots as long as you were in good light. This phone by-and-large makes me want to ramp up the great pictures it takes even more.

I found Pixlr the other night. Apparently I’m out of the loop because it deems itself “The most popular online photo editor in the world!” Well, okay. No need to rub it in.

It’s very cool though, and I can see why it may be popular.

Add filters and touch up your photos with Pixlr

Along with seamlessly editing out any unwanted spots from your photos (phone-shot or otherwise), you can add lots of pretty effects and colours. I’m sure this is popular with grandmas and younger people, mostly. I’m in the former category.

You can also go slightly beyond touching up your blemishes if you want.

Space filters on Pixlr, so cool.

Ahem. Overboard.

There are many different ways to edit with Pixlr, which makes it great for your phone pictures and camera pictures alike. Even the “Express” version for your Android is packed full of options.

My impression of it? Well worth the free. A nothing-to-lose/everything-to-gain app, especially if you have

Rating: ★★★★✰ (4/5)

Have you tried Pixlr? Do you like it, or is there something you use instead? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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