My New Thing: Smoothies!

I was recently reminded of how good smoothies are.

Miklos makes the best berry smoothie from about a cup of vanilla yogurt and 1/2 a cup of frozen mixed berries. It’s simple and so very good. It looks like this:

keep pumping those vitamins

Inspired by this, I’ve been smoothie-ing for breakfast all week. If you’re wondering where I got these ideas, hit up Pinterest for inspiration. You can pretty much blend anything and it ends up tasting like liquid heaven.

My favourite smoothie so far is comprised of avocado, banana, frozen berries, ice and spinach. In our blender, this takes an excessive amount of time to make, but it is well worth it.

smoothie in a blender

Delicious ingredients, meant to be blended. Which happens about 20 minutes after initially starting to blend in this machine.

healthy smoothies

Mmm ingredelicious….

What I love about this smoothie is:

  1. You don’t taste the spinach, but you still get all the iron it has to offer
  2. The rest of the smoothie has almost a full day’s daily requirement of SO many nutrients you need. (Potassium, calcium and fibre for example.)
  3. It’s VERY tasty.
  4. Avocado is the most fibre-packed fruit there is, AND it’s very filling. I can attest to this having had just a berry smoothie today which was so tasty but did not leave me feeling full for more than an hour.
  5. Women need 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Why not drink them instead of try to stuff ourselves with cooked or raw foods throughout the day?
  6. I’m not sure if this is true, but I’ve heard some nutritionists say that vitamins become more available to us when they are blended. Even if they’re not, it’s seriously delicious. What’s stopping you?
  7. Smoothies make you want breakfast.
  8. Hugely reduced stomach acid issues the remainder of the day.

Another smoothie I tried this week was avocado, banana, peanut butter, yogurt and milk. Needless to say, a straw was not adequate and I needed to use a spoon. It was still delicious and had almost a day’s worth of protein, calcium and potassium. I didn’t take a picture because by the time it was done blending I was at the point of starvation.

So how about you? Do you love smoothies? What are some of your favourite recipes? Share them in the comments!

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