How I Made $100 by Blogging (& How You Can Make Money From My Blogging!)

No, I’m not talking about putting ads on my site, but if that could start to work for me, I’d like that too.

I’m also not talking about clicking on those bogus links that say “LOCAL STAY-AT-HOME MOM MAKES $1665 AN HOUR ONLINE!!!!1”, though I’ve never clicked on one of them… so maybe one could be legit.

I’m talking about referrals. You’re probably involved in at least one or two organizations which will reward you for talking up their product or service to other people.

Over the summer, I made $100 from people I didn’t know, but who wanted to make money too. How?

I bank with ING Direct Canada. From time to time, they run promotions where you sign up with an active INGer’s Orange Key (i.e., their reference number) and each person gets a referral bonus.

E.g.: For most of the summer, the bonus was $25 for each the referrer and the person signing up. They also ran a promotion where, for a limited time, you’d each get a $25 bonus, and also 2.50% interest on Savings. I blogged about these bonuses and four people who like earning and saving signed up in the course of a few months. $100 in free money for me? OK!

I don’t endorse ING simply because I receive bonuses once in a while, but because I have not had to pay service fees in something like 3 years.

Closing my old account from another bank has saved me $416.03 in fees. How do I know this?

ING runs a tally on your banking sidebar of Interest Earned and Fees Saved after you enter your old bank fees upon signup. It’s really kind of neat seeing how much money I was wasting at my old bank (and also kind of disheartening when I figure I was with them for a lot of years beforehand).

In case you’re wondering, paying bills is easy with ING. If you already bank online you’ve got a headstart. If you don’t, it’s very user-friendly and you’ll love it in no time, with no processing fees. You’ll also get your own Orange Key to share with the people you know, and if you know people who want to save money as well as earn a bonus for signing up, you’ll probably find yourself getting bonuses left and right.

Don’t know where ING is located?

While the closest location to me is Toronto, the neat thing is I can go to any credit union in the Exchange Network and withdraw or deposit money without fees.

So that’s one way I earned money blogging this past summer, and in the process, helped a few readers earn some money too.

Which referral programs do you use? Tell me about them in the comments!

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