How you can help others, RIGHT NOW, for free!

Want to make a difference but you’re uh… kind of struggling yourself? Whether you already volunteer your time or wish you had the time, there’s always a little extra you can be doing, even if you don’t have the money right this second.

Sites like Greater Good are home to the Animal Rescue Site and also host other charities that help fight hunger, fund mammograms, help house veterans, pay for therapy for autistic people, and more. If you visit the site, you can help make a difference just by clicking the different cause categories and the big button that shows up for each page. By doing this, a sponsor of the site makes the equivalent donation. It’s great! And it’s free!

Take your pick, or click them all. It's free, and it's helping someone who needs it.

Take your pick, or click them all. It’s free, and it’s helping someone who needs it.

Hint: Some of these buttons will reappear a few times a day, and every click counts!

I bookmarked this site a few years ago when it was just a couple of causes, and I do my best to click daily. There’s even an email reminder to sign up for if you think you might forget.

After clicking, a link becomes available if you wish to display the site’s daily and monthly results.

greater good website

Results — your clicks make a difference.

If you do have some money to spare, you can also purchase from the shops on Greater Good, contributing even more to the causes you care about. Each item lists in its description what your money will fund.

Are there any similar sites that you make sure to visit regularly to contribute to your favourite causes? Tell me about them in the comments!

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