New job? Marge is pregnant?!

The dogs helped us reveal an important piece of our life puzzle to Facebook today.

having a baby -- the reveal

You want me to get the cat, and have the cat tell you who they’re for?? ‘Cause, the cat’s going to get it!

Yep… we are having a baby. Whoa. (PS, I stole this reveal concept from a clever Redditor because I’m unoriginal and lame.) We heard the heartbeat for the first time today, so I finally feel good announcing it.

Here’s something: I had always hoped to wait til I was 65 or something but the second I found out, my whole idea of this concept flipped. We’re very happy about it! Miklos will be the most fun dad ever, and I will be an OK mom because I am great at narrowing my eyes and grumbling a lot.

It’s the craziest (and strangely, the most wonderful) feeling. I never anticipated how cool it would feel to have something growing inside me that wasn’t a tapeworm or a tumour. For some reason, I fully expected to have one of those in my lifetime, but not so much a child.

This is really something neat though. And new. And I’m sorry to anyone if this is a weird write-up about it, but I’m weird, if you hadn’t noticed. Weird and usually honest.

Furthermore, the longer I’m pregnant, the more I realize that either Miklos has always had the characteristics of a pregnant woman, or a pregnant woman has all the characteristics of a Miklos. I’ll leave the details to your own imagination.

So yeah! Let the unwelcome advice and criticism roll! I will be charging a fee of $1 for each. I fully expect by the end of this 9 months (we’re at 3 now) to be able to buy myself an expensive new hat.

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