SOLVED: Black screen after Windows 8 logo during/after install. Frozen? Not quite.

Back in May we decided to install Windows 8 on my laptop. Long story short, my laptop stayed ‘dead’ all summer when we couldn’t find a solution for what happened to it.

Fast forward to the past couple days. Miklos was upgrading four computers (three laptops, one desktop) to Windows 8. The installs seemed to have gone well. However, overnight two laptops ran into the same problem mine had.

windows 8 boot screen

This for a few seconds, then fade to black(er).

Upon booting up, the new Windows 8 logo would show for a few seconds, and immediately following would be a blacklit black screen of doom. (Black is the new blue.) This black screen would never go away. Ever.

After about 17 calls to various Microsoft support lines, Miklos finally managed to speak to someone who admitted this was a common problem, and offered a solution.


  1. Find another monitor / television and cables to hook up to your laptop.
  2. After the Windows logo, when your laptop screen would go black, you will see Windows 8 miraculously load on the extraneous monitor.
  3. Now that you can see wtf you’re doing, and you know that your laptop hasn’t been murdered by Microsoft, you can stop rebooting the computer every 30 seconds.
  4. Do me a favour here: Check to see if all your files and programs are in tact, and let me know in the comments. If not, you have accidentally formatted your drive. If files are there, backup your hard drive on a reliable external drive if you didn’t before the install began. These two laptops ended up wiped clean, and though we don’t think it has to do with this solution and probably happened during install, better to be safe than sorry.
  5. Search Google for your specific computer model’s Windows 8-compatible graphics drivers. (IMPORTANT: Only use the official manufacturer’s website, to avoid any further issues.) Download and install.
  6. If that doesn’t fix everything after a reboot, go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and search for ‘BIOS update’. The site should give you instructions; make sure you install the latest version.

You should find your laptop works as intended after this. This solution worked for both laptops, after trying just about every other ‘solution’ we could find.

windows 8 start screen app bar


We’re currently experimenting with my laptop (which I think we restarted too many times for this to work anymore). It’s taking a long time, but seems to be progressing.

So like I said in #4: If you know anything about this, please leave a comment. I’m interested to know the answer of if the BIOS update did this (seems unlikely) or if this was done during install in error.

Did this solution work for you? Let me know, and if it did, please pass on this solution to anyone in need! 

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