We had waited forever (a very quickly moving forever, if that makes sense) for our 20 week ultrasound, and we got it on Saturday.

We had asked the sonographer to write “boy” or “girl” on a piece of paper we brought in an envelope so that we could read it together later.  I noticed her trying to hold back a smile as she took some of the hundreds of measurements for half an hour. I thought to myself, “There must be a penis. You don’t smirk where vaginas are concerned.”

When measuring was done, we got to see the little person moving around on the screen.

ultrasound picking nose at 20 weeks 4 days ultrasound

Picking its nose… I know who this person takes after. It even has Miklos’s head.

20 weeks 4 days ultrasound

So much more human and less peanutty than the 13 week scan (which it turned out was probably more like a 15 week scan — we found this out a month later at the doctor’s appointment). And was there ever a lot of movement! Glad I snuck in those Reese peanut butter cups before the scan.

We went for a drive yesterday morning together and found a nice spot to open our envelope.

And as it happens, our baby is a little boy!

We weren’t obsessed with finding out (more with seeing our baby who at this point is actually shaped like one), but to know adds to how real this is becoming for us. There is a little boy inside me, beating me up. This will be the first grandson for my parents, and the first grandchild for Miklos’s mom and dad. (That means we’ll never be pressured to conceive again, right?!)

Time is flying by. It’s November, which means that tomorrow will be March and I’ll be facing the reality of impending childbirth. Despite that terrifying and oft repressed thought, this is a much more exciting time than I ever thought it could be. Time to start thinking of names!

We revealed the gender last night to our parents with cupcakes that we (I mostly) made, filled with blue frosting. I had never made cupcakes… I can see what the hype is about now!

So yep. That’s Monday. Puppies and a baby boy.

What’s easier? Boys or girls? Say boys in the comments, please.

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