Christmas Pinterest DIY Inspiration

I’ve been pinning my little heart out lately. By the way, if you don’t follow me yet, my boards can be found here. Here are a couple of ideas I’ve got a hankering to try this Christmas season.

Frozen coloured christmas balls outside

Author unknown. If you know where this picture came from, please let me know so I can credit them!

I could see the above being a bit of a fail. Have you ever filled a balloon with water to have it come out exactly round? Maybe using some cheap dollar store bowls and cracking the coloured ice out to make half-globes to line the walkway with would work better. It’s going to be cold this week, but not bitterly cold, so I think I’ll wait to try this.

DIY splatter gift wrap

DIY Splatter Gift Wrap from goforthecreative on Instagram

This, I can do. We first discovered this pretty plain wrapping paper at the dollar store before a friend’s wedding. Albeit, it was $2 (very high end), but well worth it. Splatter with a bit of leftover artist’s acrylic, or whatever paint you have, let dry and find a sprig or a pine cone and some leather lace or twine. Voila! Classy Christmas.

Sheet music and cardboard star ornament DIY

Credit unavailable. Tell me if you find the originator of this & I’ll credit them!

Easy enough DIY, and it’s not limited to stars and sheet music. Some craft paper or even your own artwork with a card border would look nice too.

recycled RAM Christmas ornaments DIY

DIY RAM ornaments, found onย

And, on the topic of DIY ornaments, what could be more romantic than an evening of upcycling old computer RAM (and other spent hardware) into adorably quirky tree adornments with your one and only? I can see this one being a hit at our house.

We’re going to dress up the porch with leftover birch from our wedding, but these might also make a nice accent in any planter you feel you’re neglecting during the winter. Maybe stay away from cheaper plastic ones if you want them to last into next spring.

I’m excited for Christmas this year. Maybe it’s the little person inside of me (literally) who’s brimming with holiday spirit. I’m most excited for store-bought Christmas cookies (ahhhh, the smell of warm vanilla), but I might try my hand at some baking too.

Are you taking on any DIYs this holiday season? Share your ideas in the comments!

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