Cyber Monday Nikon D7000 Deal! $979.99 CAD w/ lens, or $699.99 body only! HURRY!

Lots of great deals out there (I’m sure, as I haven’t found too many), but here’s my favourite so far.

Nikon D7000 DSLR

Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Kit with 18-105mm DX VR Nikkor Lens $969.99 for Cyber Monday!

I have this camera, I love this camera. And today you can get it WITH an 18-105mm VR lens for $969.99! Normally, this is a nearly $1300 kit. Perfect as a gift, or a gift to oneself. I actually use this camera more than Miklos‘s D700 because of the dual SD card slots and the available 1080p HD video. It’s a bit lighter to carry around as well, and still a very sturdy camera that takes gorgeous photos.

Nikon D7000 body only

And if you have plenty of Nikon DX lenses already, there is a great deal on a D7000 — body only — for $699.99! You’re saving almost $280 as it normally sells for $969.99.

What great deals have you found this Cyber Monday?

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