Last chance! Let’s each earn an extra $50 today.

[NOTE: This post is not promoted or endorsed by ING Direct Canada. I just like free money.]

ING Direct Canada (soon to be Tangerine)’s holiday season promo is coming to a close. What does that mean? It means there is still a little time left for you to sign up, deposit $100 to your new account and earn $50 free cash. That would certainly help pay the bills, wouldn’t it?

Get $50 when you sign up with ING Direct Canada using my Orange Key!

What I love about ING:

  • No fees! None!
  • Great customer service if you need to call
  • Access to your money through any Exchange Network ABM (find one near you here — they are everywhere in Canada)
  • For every person you refer with your Orange Key, you receive a bonus of $50 until December 31, 2013 — after that, it’s still an extra $25 in your pocket to refer family, a friend, colleague, cashier who comments on your cool-looking debit card (which happens a lot)… anyone!
  • Easy to pay bills
  • Simple to transfer money between accounts and to friends and family
  • Tracks the amount you’ve saved in fees and earned in interest (yes, interest!) since signing up on your client dashboard
  • Lots more!

Most importantly, I’ve never felt screwed around by ING Direct. I know that sounds weird, but you can probably think of a thing or two you don’t love about your bank. I can’t.

If you sign up, use my Orange Key number above. In doing this, you’ll earn a $50 bonus (widget says $25 but they don’t update it for special promos) once you sign up with $100 or more in your new account. You can get more info from ING’s official site here. Remember, you have until December 31st!

Have you signed up with ING Direct Canada? What do you love most about them?

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