PSA: Use a humidifier for sore throats, coughs and stuffy noses — or DIE!

It’s sick season.

Both Miklos and I awoke clawing for air in the middle of the night. He’s been sick around a week, I’m just now getting a variation of what he had. It has become extremely dry, and — because we’re so used to winter never being winter — we hadn’t dug up the humidifier just yet. While he was having a major coughing fit, my throat was so dry I couldn’t even speak. I tried to drink some water and it felt like I was sword-swallowing for the first time (i.e., not professionally).

If anyone with any mercy and access to explosives was watching us, we probably wouldn’t be here today.

honeywell cool mist humidifier

In Moisture We Trust

I dug up the humidifier, and somehow the filter wasn’t mouldy so it was actually ready for use. It saved us within minutes. While I still feel like a heap of rotting garbage, it’s a 90% improvement over yesterday, which goes to show how crappy yesterday was.

So if you have a sore throat or a stuffy nose, remember to use your humidifier.

Being pregnant is a form of torture if you’re sick — you can take about 0 over-the-counter medicines, nor can you drink yourself into a delightful slumber. While concocting 100 home remedies all of yesterday, none of which helped at all, I somehow forgot we had this thing and what a life saver it is. We use a cool mist because I read a lot of junk about mould and bacteria multiplying more rapidly with warm mist humidifiers (whether that’s true or not is up for debate), and apparently it’s cheaper to run the cool mist one because of lack of a heating element.  The air also feels fresher in your house, rather than swampy, when you use one with cool mist.

Here’s some more information if you’re really bored.

Have you gotten sick yet this winter? What helps you sleep at night?


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