How to fix a broken makeup compact

Ever have this happen?

broken makeup compact

I did about two weeks ago. Whoops. Luckily this mattifying powder was on its way out and I already have a new one in the cabinet waiting… but since I found a quick fix on Pinterest a while ago for this, I decided to test it out.

seal the compact in plastic and mash the makeup good

Seal the compact in plastic and mash the makeup good.

add some alcohol...

Add some alcohol. I only had 50%. Apparently it’ll work better with 70% or higher.

try and smooth over your makeup with a spoon

Smooth makeup with a spoon or a knife. How wonderful this looks!

Leave it open to air dry overnight. Did it work?

fixed makeup compact

Ehhh, kinda. Note to self: Buy higher percentage alcohol for next time.

While it didn’t work out exactly as planned, I did get a lot more use out of this compact — in fact, I’m still using it two weeks later. But maybe because of the low alcohol content used and/or because it was a mattifying powder and not a foundation and/or also because there was so little left, the powder did not fuse together solid again. It was also a lot squishier on the sponge at first as you can see. (This stuff is usually translucent. It still went on nicely by lightly patting the skin with it, but it was initially intimidating.)

It definitely did not wreck it, and I’m sure the alcohol zapped out any bacteria lingering. So I guess — all things considered — it worked!

Have you tried fixing a broken compact with this solution? How did it work for you?

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