1 month of Johnny

I never knew why our moms never killed us when we were bad kids. Now I knowĀ it’s not just because of the threat of jail.

Not that Johnny has had a chance to be bad yet.Ā Over the past month, though, I realized quickly thatĀ I love this kid so much that if he ever does something very wrong the only thing I could probably do is be extremely sadĀ orĀ disappointed.

Parent-love is a new thing forĀ me, at least from this perspective. I don’t know how people do this more than once. How can you have so much love flying out of your heart at someone who is still developing? It’s different from loving aĀ capableĀ adult, who you don’t seemĀ to need to worry about as much. It’s scary!

At the same time, it’s strangely awesome.

johnny and daddy Johnny and Mommy! Play time!

Johnny loves art

Here’s Johnny! Looking at some Baxo art on our wall.

We’re so lucky to have a healthy, happy kid who is alert and fun to be around at only a month old.

I can’t wait until I’m feeling mostly better and can work off the last 20 lbs of my pregnancy weight. It’s really lessĀ the weight that bothers me, and more thatĀ I’m cheap and I can’t find any new jeans I like enough to spend money on. I really want to try HIIT, too. Looks fun.

So that’s my update. I can’t wait until there’s time for DIY projects and posting regularly again, but I have to admit I’m enjoying the whole being a new mom deal.


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