5 Ways to Stop Wasting Your Fruit

Since John’s been around, I’ve made a smoothie almost nightly to make sure I get in the fruit servings¬†I miss out on during the day. It also¬†keeps away the evening snackies and as such it’s been a lot easier to get rid of my pregnancy weight than I’d expected.

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My skin is also clearer than ever (uhh, except this giant pimple near my lip I happen to have for the first time in months as I write this), and now that John likes to play on his own a bit and nap more (thank crap!), I have more energy too. We don’t always eat perfectly in this house, but we always have a good amount of fruit around¬†to make sure we balance it out.

That said, fruit doesn’t last forever the way junk does. Here are a few ways to make it last a little longer:

1. Wrap your banana stems in plastic wrap.

While an overripe banana certainly has its place (great for banana bread and smoothies too), sometimes you want a banana to stay yellow for just a few extra days.

Separate your bunch of bananas into individual bananas — then tell them it’s their time to shine! Or don’t. Just separate them then, you curmudgeon, and wrap the¬†stems¬†tightly with plastic wrap. Doing so can make your bananas last 4 days longer!

2. Freeze your fruit and veggies.

If you buy 10 packs of raspberries because they’re on for an incredibly good deal, chances are you won’t get through all of them before they get gooey and gross. Freezing them will cure your¬†sticky berry blues. Bonus: Frozen fruit tastes delicious and it’s great to have on hand for those smoothies I¬†mentioned earlier. You can also drop it into some yogurt for a tasty snack.

Basic instructions for freezing fruit:
– Wash and thoroughly dry the fruit.
– If it’s fruit with a peel (appeal… ha! nevermind), peel it first.
– Cut into manageable pieces if it’s a larger fruit. One-inch thick slices will blend well and are good bite-sizes.
РDiscard/compost any pits, stems, seeds, etc.
– Be sure to hull strawberries.
– Once prepped, stick that fruit¬†in a freezer bag. I like the medium-sized no-name freezer bags. They’re a good enough size for a lot of fruit and they don’t take up too much space.

If you want to go crazy, this blogger lays out some great secrets to freezing produce!

3. Bottle your tomatoes.

(Yes, this falls under fruit!)

Did you plant a garden full of tomatoes this year and realize there are only so many tomatoes one human can consume before they’ve gone soft? Or maybe at the aforementioned raspberry sale you picked up a bunch of cheap tomatoes on the vine as well! Either way, you can save some of that tomatoey goodness for later.

Here’s a great instructional on how to bottle your tomatoes!

4. Remove bad apples… or cherries.

Don’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. (Sorry. Had to.) If you have one crappy cherry, chances are it will make your other cherries go bad a lot faster. Get it outta there. Same goes for blueberries, blackberries, grapes –you name it. The rest of your fruit will love you long(er) time for it.

5. Make smoothies!

Because I keep talking about them and I can’t get enough…

Overripe and softer (but not mouldy/bruised) fruit is great for smoothies. Blend it up. There are endless combinations. Be brave, blend up¬†that fruit you’ve let sit a bit too long. Use some water, milk, almond milk, or other favoured liquid to get the blender moving, and add some yogurt if you’re into that kind of thing. Don’t forget the ice! It’s going to be great!

There you have it. A few good ways to keep your fruits tasty longer.

Do you have a favourite¬†way to make produce last that I haven’t mentioned? Share it in the comments!¬†

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  1. Hey Nikki, we’ve just recently gotten a blender and I’m soooo hooked. I’ve been putting mint, banana, spinach and grapes with Milk and ice….and I can’t get enough. It’s my breafast now to only find a way to make it without pissing off the house mates @ 7am! It’s the best thing to have in the morning….seriously I get your enthusiasm.
    Holly recently posted…Madam Bovary & the bronze aussie jumperMy Profile

    • Ohh so awesome. And yeah it’s my evening snack since I only use the blender when the boy is awake and breakfast kinda never happens once he is up.

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