DIY: Turn any old box into pretty storage with craft paper!

upcycle monday

Baby boy is getting some (supervised) independent play time lately. I love watching him figure things out lately. He is learning so much, it’s no wonder his head is getting so adorably big. That and he needs his 5th haircut…

Friggin cute

I finished sorting through teeny tiny baby clothing in his dressers and closet, so today I decided to upcycle an empty box while I watched the kid do his thing.

We needed a place to keep a few diapers in the open of the nursery. Normally I’d use baskets from the dollar store (they have cute stuff sometimes!), but I was fresh out.

turtles box and craft paper DIY

So I used this Turtles box, wrapped some paper around it by making a few slits and folds, and covered any Scotch tape with pretty washi tape, also from the dollar store.



  • Empty box
  • Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape
  • Washi tape
cut and fold craft paper as needed around box and use Scotch tape to attach.

See the left hand side of this box in that shadowy inner corner? There’s a slit there in the craft paper. Make a couple of slits into the craft paper where it will touch the corners of the box. This makes folding into the hole easier. The craft paper should sit flush. I folded the paper about 5 cm into the box and Scotch taped to the inside.

Simply slit and fold into the rest of the wrap-job

Scotch tape sides of craft paper onto box. At bottom of box and craft paper, make slit as shown and fold bottom ‘wall’ into side ‘wall’ of craft paper.

Fold any rough edges like a present.

Tuck away any pieces poking out (such as the one on the left side here). Fold ends like a present and Scotch tape down.

finished! turtles box into cute storage box DIY

Cut and place smaller matching or coordinated sheet of craft paper onto remaining uncovered part of box. Fold it into the box as you did before, taping it down at the top and bottom (and sides if desired).

finished! turtles box into cute storage box DIY

Cover any visible Scotch tape you don’t like seeing with washi tape!

And you’re done!

finished! turtles box into cute storage box DIY

Yay! Pretty diaper box! Or you know, whatever your box is for. 🙂

Upcycle an empty box into cute storage with craft paper!

Thanks for reading! I’d ask you to show me your box but… uh… this is a family blog now. So instead, have a great day! 🙂

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