For anyone who regularly attends this blog, I just want to say omgsorrysorrysorrysorrysorryIknow because this is one of those “I never post anymore” entries. But! Unlike all those other ones people do, mine has a legit cause! (I’m sure everyone else has perfectly good reasons as well. In fact I’m positive they do.)

Over the past few months we have fixed up every possible flaw in our current house, put most of our junk into storage, staged our house, put it up for sale, and sold it 3 days later!

Vinyl plank basement floor

This basement floor is durable, inexpensive vinyl plank. Dumb cat approved.

And somewhere in the middle of all of that we bought¬†a house. We’re¬†leaving¬†suburban life for¬†rural — a completely uncharted world for me, and one my husband¬†hasn’t known since he was a wee boy in a different land across the sea.

You can expect some posts to do with these experiences soon, along with organization-oriented posts as we figure out where the *beep* to put everything in a house that is the exact same size as our current one, with less bedrooms but way more outdoor space.

I imagine as we unpack we’ll be paring down a lot of our clutter which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.

As for my thoughts on the actual move:

  • I’m excited for a new life on the outskirts of a town that I’ve always liked
  • Our new kitchen is going to be totally worth the hassle of the past few months
  • With 12 days left in our current and first house together, I look around and I can’t believe every little piece of us inside and out (aside from fixtures that must stay) will be gone from here
  • The things I’ll miss most are¬†my gardens and Johnny’s room and the additional bathroom (we’re going to build a 2nd bathroom¬†at our new place soon though — another potential blog post! — and of course we’ll have Johnny’s room and gardens there too)
  • We are downgrading internet-wise¬†because of a lack of rural provider options —¬†disappointing. We also will not have cable. I don’t love TV these days, but it may still be tough to adjust to.
  • We’re going to live in the country, by a beach on one of the Great Lakes¬†—¬†such a strange¬†and nice combo
  • The¬†dogs can practically live outside on the grass during the day because it’s not a densely populated area that’ll up their anxiety, as I think has been the case living here — I love them but listening to their dry mouth lip-smacking all day is my one true hate in life
  • Two (2) of our cats (Jane and Rico) are now classified as senior citizens of the feline world, so I’m scared of how they’ll take the move, and our third cat, Mixi, is younger/is a dink on a regular basis who makes the other pets’ lives a living Hell so I’m sure she’ll be fine
devil tree

This tree that is reminiscent of Satan will be missed by our dogs on their daily walks.

We move out and in within the span of one (1) stinking day because both houses’ closing dates are one after another. Should be loads of fun! Luckily I don’t care because we’ll be in such a wonderful area and unpacking and I’m excited to see how we lay out all the rooms in our new place (except for John’s which will be quite the same at first because I’m scared he’ll miss his old room).

So yay! Right?! More blog posts, about things! One day! Maybe even soon!

Thank you as always for your patience. Why not follow me on Pinterest if you want to make sure I’m still alive?

Happy July!

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