Wood-look phone cases for your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone

Just a quick post to show off my favourite phone case yet. It’s from RealDesignRocks, an Etsy seller who makes it difficult to decide on just one design to wrap around your phone, be it a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone.

(I wrote this because I sincerely love this case & many, many of her other ones & I appreciate a good value. I am not being paid to write this or given free merchandise — though that’d be cool with me! Haha.)

Forest art case for Samsung Galaxy S6The cut-outs are perfect and the phone feels secure & doesn’t move around in this case.

It’s a sturdy hard shell plastic case that’s slim and beautiful. It was a welcome change from my rubber cases that kept absorbing the colours of the interiors of my pockets and bags. Two months later, the art is as vibrant as it ever was.

Phone case with wooden look and evergreen trees design

Have I dropped it? Yes, of course. Facedown, I might add. And surprisingly, my phone didn’t break. The small perimeter of hard plastic prevented any damage to the phone. A little piece did chip off the corner of the case itself later that day, but otherwise no damage. And it was a pretty hard fall, so that’s my fault.

With a vast selection of wood look & other case unique designs for both Samsung Galaxy phones and iPhone, there’s phone art for just about every personality on this lady’s shop — have a look! Shipping was pretty quick too.

If you’re looking for other cool and practical phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6, here’s a post I wrote when I first got the phone and started shopping around myself!

Which one is your favourite?

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