Easy Totem Poles Cotton & Flannel Crib Sized Quilt

Scrolling through Instagram lately, I’ve become fascinated with the world of quilting. It’s such a creative and almost always one-of-a-kind sort of thing — for someone who sews and who has a multitude of scraps, the things others are able to do (with much more experience than I have) are wonderfully inspiring.

I’m starting out small, so I found this great tutorial for a flannel quilt from Cloud9 Fabrics and decided to run with it, using cotton front pieces for the quilt topper and a flannel plaid backing/accent. It was a quick project, which is great for impatient people like me, taking a bit longer than a full afternoon using pre-washed fabric.

(Note: I always pre-wash my fabrics in hypoallergenic detergent and tumble dry to prevent colour bleeding or ‘shrinkage’ in all the wrong places later on.)

Totem poles quilt for baby

I used the same cut dimensions but a 1/4″ seam allowance, so my ‘crib sized’ quilt is perhaps a couple inches or so longer than the one in the link given above. Oh well! The bigger the better in the case of plushy new quilts.

Totem poles and buffalo plaid cotton and flannel quilt

It was a pretty simple starter quilt and gave me some good practice as I gradually gear up to do more complicated things.  The only complaint I really have about this quilt is that I was hungry, so when I had to rip out a few stitches here and there, it was really frustrating. I’d probably use a longer topstitch length in the future (4 instead of 3, because 3 looked tiny, at least on the flannel).

I was actually planning on handstitching through the plaid strips on the front as suggested in the tutorial. Alas, I was missing my needle with a head big enough for the embroidery floss I wanted to use — and at this point, I really just wanted the thing finished. So I did what I could and machine stitched.

Flannel back, cotton top quilt, beautiful totem poles quilt

The plaid & thick batting used makes it look off-balance, but it’s a straight line, I swear!

I’m calling this one a success, especially for a first try, and even though I cursed a lot while picking out stitches a few times, I will probably quilt again soon. 🙂

Easy quilt tutorial for beginners

The totem poles fabric is one of my faves, and I love the coordinating tribal print. Extremely happy I eventually got to use them as planned in a quilt.

Total time for this project was under 7 hours, including small food breaks in between. Probably should have eaten more though — sweltering hot days make me extra hangry and far less productive. I highly recommend this Cloud9 tutorial for beginning quilters!

I’m on the fence about if I want to sell it or not. It may stay in our home (unused as I don’t have a baby who needs a quilt) as a nostalgic piece for now.

Full length shot of totem poles baby quilt

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Have an awesome day!

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