Cat or Magpie? — Our Mixi, the Cat Burglar

Miklos was out for a bike ride in the woods when he happened upon two men playing with a little tortoiseshell kitten. They jokingly asked him, “You want a cat?” They didn’t know who they were dealing with obviously, because Miklos, being the kind-hearted guy he always has been, didn’t think it would be fair to leave a kitten in the woods just before a big thunderstorm. Sure enough, that cat came into our lives and was named Mixi. Soon, I would find kitty jingle … Continue reading

Pumpkin for Dog Tummy Rumbling

We’ve been walking Junior and Casey together for a week or so now that he got his second shots. Junior’s loud tummy growling problem began just after we saw the vet so when we walked the dogs to the pet food store, we mentioned it to the girl working. She mentioned feeding him a bit of pumpkin with his dinner as it’s supposed to settle an upset puppy stomach. I had read that a few times as well, so we decided to try it. The stuff … Continue reading

Conflict Resolution With Loved Ones

Once in a while, I get into an argument.  Sometimes, it’s a hundred times a week.  I like to think I know a little something about arguments and how to resolve them.  Here are a few things I have managed to learn in my journeys:   Fact: The people you will argue the hardest with, unless you’re a politician or protester (but even still, I think I’m right about this), are the people you love. Avoid an entire argument.  Take the above note about “arguing … Continue reading

Conflict, eh?

I’m having a bit of a moral dilemma. It’s apparent that any time someone has yelled at me I’ve found them to be little more than a pathetic butt. My issue is with my neighbours: They’re about 75% awful.  They have no respect for their anyone, in fact Miklos had to built a fence so that they wouldn’t hose their dogs’ urine and feces onto our house as they had been doing for what I imagine to be years prior. (They keep their dogs in … Continue reading

The Problem of Being an Artist… or a Kid Trapped in a Woman’s Body. Like Michael Jackson, but a chick and none of that weird stuff. So, not like Michael Jackson I guess.

So I met some people who looked young and somewhat cool, but who also acted very professional today.  I started to wonder when I would ever grow up. It’s something that is supposed to happen, I think, but do I want it to? I scoured Google on the subject of never growing up and found this was relevant while also funny. I mean… I’ve been paying my bills on time for nearly a decade (ok let’s say I started 7 years ago because I feel … Continue reading