DIY: How to Freshen Up Old Jeans for CHEAP Using Fabric Dye

We all love our jeans (uhh, except for us pregnant ladies who haven’t yet attempted to DIY them into maternity jeans), but what happens when good jeans go bad? Normally, I’d donate them. This year, however, I’ve gotten really big into recycling, upcycling and refreshing just about everything. So when some of my jeans faded to ugly colours, I decided to look into ways to refresh them. I found this great tutorial. Too bad I didn’t really read it again a few days later when … Continue reading

How I Made $100 by Blogging (& How You Can Make Money From My Blogging!)

No, I’m not talking about putting ads on my site, but if that could start to work for me, I’d like that too. I’m also not talking about clicking on those bogus links that say “LOCAL STAY-AT-HOME MOM MAKES $1665 AN HOUR ONLINE!!!!1”, though I’ve never clicked on one of them… so maybe one could be legit. I’m talking about referrals. You’re probably involved in at least one or two organizations which will reward you for talking up their product or service to other people. … Continue reading

DIY: How to Make a Beautiful Pallet Headboard for Under $30

upcycled pallet project

Well, I recruited the husband for yet another DIY. We’ve had our beautiful headboard for a week now, and I’m in love. (With husband, yes, but also — the resulting headboard.) Money-saving tip: Someone you know is going to have a spare everything when it comes to tools and supplies. Ask around. You will save so much money just by using things people weren’t using at the moment. They’ll probably be happy to let you use their stuff, too. Between Miklos’s dad, his brother, and … Continue reading

DIY: From Old Dresser to Pretty Vintage Bench

Holy cow! Remember when I said we were going to do a DIY using an old dresser we found on the side of the road? No? Me neither, almost. Except that it’s been in the basement all summer long (oops), staring and waiting for us to hop to it. Hey, we got married this year. As it turns out, that kept us busy this spring. Well, this past weekend we got to it. And as you can imagine from the blog title, we didn’t just … Continue reading

Facebook Comment Emoticons

Found this on Facebook today, and because I like to share things here more than I do on the social media site, here you go. I don’t know how we lived without all of these before. What’s your favourite Facebook emoticon? (Bearing in mind that they won’t work in my comments section, in all likelihood.) Share the post “Facebook Comment Emoticons” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

How Did You Find Me? Popular Posts on Commatose

One thing I find interesting about this blog, because it is comprised of so many different topics, is the popularity of some of the posts. You would not believe how many people get here searching Google for the Masked Magician. And I don’t even have any inside scoop on the guy. Is he even alive anymore? Who knows! (Wikipedia, probably.) Aside from Google, the power of Pinterest is strong. If you put up a cute article about the crappy DIY cat hammock you made and … Continue reading

Don’t Try This at Home: Samsung Galaxy S4 Survives Toilet Swim

Have you made a habit of carrying your cell phone in your back pocket? If you’re a woman, there’s not really a great place to keep it, unless you have an Otterbox and a screen protector, and keep it safely tucked into a nice, scratch-free area of your purse. (I cringe to remember when my first glossy phone met up with an emery board in my purse soon after I got it.) You’ve heard countless times not to put mobile phones in your pockets for health … Continue reading

Cheapest Way to Unlock a Phone Right Now From Your Desk — $7.99

A CAUTIONARY EDIT: iPhones and other high-end phones will cost more than $7.99 to unlock using (and most other services, unfortunately), but don’t fear: The site will give your specific phone an unlock total BEFORE you check out. If you don’t like your price, don’t do it. Selling your old phone and need to unlock it for cheap? Unlocked phones will make a much better profit than phones that still need to be unlocked, of course. I’m hard-pressed to be able to show you … Continue reading

How I Saved the Day (& Money) with Stickygram Save-the-Dates

I was never a big fan of Save-the-Date cards.  When I found out they could be magnets, however, I was floored. I started with, which offers a lot of great samples, most of them quite customizable. I found a few issues, though: There were maybe too many options, which might not be a problem for most people.  I got overstimulated! The site started to slow down in Chrome, and I don’t like using IE or Firefox, so that was a problem. I spent (ahem) … Continue reading

Can You Block Contacts on Skype Using a Windows Live Account?

With the inevitable transitioning of Windows Live Messenger over to Skype this coming March, users previously unfamiliar with Skype are realizing perks and drawbacks left and right.  Today’s drawback comes to you from the Block/Appear Offline feature most of us are used to on WLM and other popular messengers. At the time of writing, Skype currently offers the Block/Appear Offline feature but not to anyone signing in with their WLM account.  You must instead use the Skype login if you care to block.  This would … Continue reading