How to Bathe Your Cat Without First Buying Your Burial Plot

Ever wonder how to bathe your cat without having your eyes scratched out of their eye-holes? Like most cats, Rico’s biggest fear is water.  Well, when you have a cat who sheds day-in/day-out who hasn’t had a bath in say, years, and he’s been staying up nights to meow you awake lately, it seems to me that indicates it’s bath time.  And you know what?  This cat of mine did surprisingly well, aside from the fact he’s been licking himself for an hour since.  A … Continue reading

Like to backspace, do ya? Try freewriting!

Imagine a world without a ‘backspace’ key. From 1808 until the advent of the computer, this was a reality. Typewriters are as cool as it gets for writers. We throw stamped images of them into every which graphic design we can, because they just look so neat. And oh, the nostalgia!  They remind us of a time when distractions were fewer, where it may actually have been easy (or easier) to complete the book we always dreamed of writing. While the lower distraction-factor may have … Continue reading

Quick Vegetarian Chickpea Curry for Lunch!

Chickpeas, eh?   Garbanzos, you say?  Someone’s on a health kick in this house (hint: it’s not me or any of the pets) so we bought the kind of groceries we normally wouldn’t.  As a result, it’s new recipe time!  I documented the process to whet your appetite for this yummy curried treat!  You could call it vegetarian too, if you’re into that. This recipe yields 2 servings and takes about 20 minutes   You’ll need: – Olive oil (2-3 tbsp) – Half of one large … Continue reading

Free & Easy Cat Hammock Bed DIY

Cats love to sleep.  One common bed you’ve probably seen at SPCAs and cat rescues is the cat hammock.  When I saw this cat hammock on Pinterest today, I thought “what a great idea for a cat hammock at home.” We had tried putting them in Casey’s old crate before, but for some reason the cats didn’t like the idea of walking into a metal cage.  Maybe I could’ve thought that one through better. So I thought, good idea!  A cozy option they’ll enjoy without … Continue reading

Building a Garbage Shed for Less Than $100 Using Scrap Wood

About a month ago, Miklos got sick of the tiny width of our driveway.  He went hog-wild and tore down the fence between our driveway and our neighbour’s house.  He used that for a project and then had a bunch of scrap wood left over. On the same rampage, he took our old metal garbage shed to the scrapyard.  The thing was lousy and made a cringe-worthy metal-on-metal scraping sound when you opened its doors, so no harm done except for one problem: Every windy … Continue reading

How to Fix Dog-Eared Canvas on Foam Core

I was digging for wrapping paper in our junk room (i.e., our need to throw out a lot of stuff soon before I go crazy room) when I found four of Miklos‘s old canvas prints mounted on foam core.  They’re very nice and I would love to hang them up, but it turns out the fact that we never framed them left them open to the elements.  The corners were dog-eared and sad looking. They’d been like this a while. I’d never known how to fix … Continue reading

Easy & Delicious Oven Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Mmm, oven-roasted potatoes covered in herbs!  So tasty and relatively quick too!  If you’re stuck for a meal and you’ve got poor man’s potatoes lying around, this is it.   Explanation: Tonight Miklos was on his 3rd night straight of eating cabbage rolls donated to him by his mother — I love his mom, but I don’t love cabbage rolls.  It was either going to be a Kraft Dinner night, or I could roast some potatoes I found hidden in the (ahem, front of the) … Continue reading

Conflict Resolution With Loved Ones

Once in a while, I get into an argument.  Sometimes, it’s a hundred times a week.  I like to think I know a little something about arguments and how to resolve them.  Here are a few things I have managed to learn in my journeys:   Fact: The people you will argue the hardest with, unless you’re a politician or protester (but even still, I think I’m right about this), are the people you love. Avoid an entire argument.  Take the above note about “arguing … Continue reading