Sometimes I am nice.

Help Animals and Pet Shelters with a free click! Even though I’m an a-hole, I always make sure to help our loyal friends-without-speech. Other good sites are FreeKibble / FreeKibbleKat to feed shelter pets through daily trivia. Share the post “Sometimes I am nice.” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Because you like animals better than people… Every day, go to each of the above sites and answer a trivia question. Whether you’re right or wrong, the site will donate 10 pieces of kibble to hungry animals, and you get to feel really good (or really horrible) about how much you (might not) know. They feed millions of dogs and cats while you answer a daily question and move on with your activities. It’s awesome! Another great site that feeds hungry animals is The Animal Rescue Site. If you also … Continue reading

We went to the monkey/lion/three-legged jaguar place (no one cares about the parrots) yesterday. We saw no animals, but we did see a big forest with thin wire fencing around it and a bunch of signs basically telling us to go away. Amazing! Finally, this place is picking up a little. Mixi woke me up to cuddle at 9 this morning. She’s getting fatter by the day, but no less bitchy. I like her. My diet lately consists of coffee and peanut butter cups. Share … Continue reading

Cat Lady Rambles #184

I’ve never really thought of Rico as ‘big’. Once, Francis came over to try and sell me life insurance (or something scammy) and the only part of that visit I remember was him saying “WHOA, that is a big cat.” I’ve seen bigger. But Jane is a featherweight, and Mix is miniature. She’ll probably grow to be bigger than Rico, but right now, she’s tiny. And as Rico sat on my slouchy lap just now, I realized, he is not only gigantic, but also getting … Continue reading

Meh, gotta nuke something.

I smell food and now I’m hungry. I have so much reviewing to do tonight, as well as a presentation to memorize, which just isn’t going to happen, really. Worked and reviewed all weekend. Oh well! I never wanted a life anyway. Oh, and I think my dad finally believes me that the car needs serious help. It may have stalled on him 80 times in the process of him driving it to their place to get it looked at tomorrow. I’ll have to ask. … Continue reading

Foxy Brown

I keep seeing my fox, running around in that field on that same road. I love that little guy (or girl). By “keep” I mean that I’ve now seen him (/her) twice on drives with Miki. I want to hug that fox. This time I noticed his (/her) eyes glowing in the pitch black from god knows how far away. So far away, that Miklos did not believe me at first. But then I proved, as I am wont to do, that I am the … Continue reading

I’m not good enough at lying, so this is serious

Around 2004, while I was living in Welland, a group of us were racing down a side street (running). I wasn’t fond of the idea, but everyone was trying to get into shape and I was just sort of there. Anyhow, I fell behind and decided to just walk to the end of the road, which ran parallel to some train tracks. There was an alleyway (if you can call it that) between two houses that took you from the street to the railroad tracks, … Continue reading


I’m only posting because I love this photo. That’s awesome. I hope there are actually a billion gorillas hidden somewhere. I’d like to hug them, provided they didn’t kill me. Share the post “H-ape-piness” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Ooo, now e’s breakin’ ‘n ent’rin’ as well!! Fascist!

Returned all the clothes I bought last week, save for the two I was unsure of at first, which ended up being my favourites. Bought little black dress to replace them, as well as pashmina and necklace. Did laundry. Got rained on in St. Catharines, as per the daily agenda. I’m not doing my hair anymore, and I’m barely attempting makeup. F that. It’s summer. This is supposed to be my vacation. Speaking of, I think I’m giving up on the whole co-op idea soon. … Continue reading