Free & Easy Cat Hammock Bed DIY

Cats love to sleep.  One common bed you’ve probably seen at SPCAs and cat rescues is the cat hammock.  When I saw this cat hammock on Pinterest today, I thought “what a great idea for a cat hammock at home.” We had tried putting them in Casey’s old crate before, but for some reason the cats didn’t like the idea of walking into a metal cage.  Maybe I could’ve thought that one through better. So I thought, good idea!  A cozy option they’ll enjoy without … Continue reading

Building a Garbage Shed for Less Than $100 Using Scrap Wood

About a month ago, Miklos got sick of the tiny width of our driveway.  He went hog-wild and tore down the fence between our driveway and our neighbour’s house.  He used that for a project and then had a bunch of scrap wood left over. On the same rampage, he took our old metal garbage shed to the scrapyard.  The thing was lousy and made a cringe-worthy metal-on-metal scraping sound when you opened its doors, so no harm done except for one problem: Every windy … Continue reading

How to Fix Dog-Eared Canvas on Foam Core

I was digging for wrapping paper in our junk room (i.e., our need to throw out a lot of stuff soon before I go crazy room) when I found four of Miklos‘s old canvas prints mounted on foam core.  They’re very nice and I would love to hang them up, but it turns out the fact that we never framed them left them open to the elements.  The corners were dog-eared and sad looking. They’d been like this a while. I’d never known how to fix … Continue reading