Ermagerd! My Gardens!

I’ve been hanging out a lot in the garden since we got home from our honeymoon. At first it wasn’t by choice. Apparently when it rains for a week straight, you come home to a lot of weeding. (Amazingly, though we stayed within the province, none of that rain actually hit us til the last day of our trip.) As I pulled all the junk out of that garden, I realized digging around in dirt is one of my favourite things now. I’m old. The … Continue reading

Western Catalpa Tree — June: My Foe Blooms Anew

You may have read about my enemy, our neighbour’s useless Western Catalpa tree. For a description of this tree, read this. Despite a late and frosty spring, the aforementioned flowering season in July seems to have come early this year. Y. A. Y. Sure, they look pretty now, but soon those lovely blossoms will be a squishy mess all over our garden and lawn. “Oh, it can’t be all that bad,” you might say. “Surely, you’re making a mountain of a molehill again, Nikki Comma,” … Continue reading