I was just lurking someone’s Facebook shit and I gave myself a start when I found a photo of her with a girl I know. I did not know they knew each other. I need to stop this lurking stuff before I give myself a heart attack. Share the post “Walls” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Isn’t she a beaut!

Not having pressure to the maximum is a many wonderful thing. I don’t care if I ever finish my program at all! Except for that whole “then it would be a giant waste of money” thing. But isn’t it already? Isn’t it? No. While the mental pressure has subsided, the pressure on my left kneecap is enough to make me shriek in horrific pain every time I bend, and as such, I have been doing so all day while packing. The knee feels just about … Continue reading

"Ah, bitch!"

Google is a nice taste of ass. Flickr is also on my shit-list at the moment. But if there’s anyone to blame, it’s myself. Bah. So I’ll say it. HI AGAIN! Have you missed me?? Obviously, since you’re here. I’m just that interesting. Getting a life should be obligatory for all, and I can say that, because I’m finally at the point where I could totally get one! If I wanted to. But I’d rather just sleep. But hey. Last exam was today, kids. Eight … Continue reading

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