I love Facebook, don’t get me wrong, (well, I don’t love about as much as I actually love about it) but why do people feel the need to post every personal dilemma that happens there? It is not 200-1000 people’s business what happens to you.  Some of us need lessons in self respect. A great quote from a good movie called Easy A:  I don’t know what your generation’s fascination is with documenting your every thought… but I can assure you, they’re not all diamonds. … Continue reading


I was just lurking someone’s Facebook shit and I gave myself a start when I found a photo of her with a girl I know. I did not know they knew each other. I need to stop this lurking stuff before I give myself a heart attack. Share the post “Walls” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Compare People Matters

My rankings on Facebook’s Compare People are as follows. (Why do you care, you ask? Why does anyone read anyone else’s blog in the first place? I retort.) you category votes wins win% 1st would i rather take shopping 24 19 79% 2nd more likely to win in a fight 3 3 100% 2nd prettier 6 5 83% 2nd better dancer 4 4 100% 2nd harder worker 5 5 100% 3rd more reliable 3 3 100% 3rd cuter 6 6 100% 3rd more adventurous 5 … Continue reading

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