How L-theanine helps my anxiety & more

Plagued by anxiety? It might be worth your while to try L-theanine.

This winter’s been something else, hasn’t it? Hopefully yours was filled with health and happiness. For a while over here my son and I were constantly sick, which we eventually learned were pretty intense sinus infections. After a couple of rounds of antibiotics apiece, we thankfully began to feel better. Winter has always been a bit of a drag (that can’t be just me?), but the Christmas season keeps me quite busy so I can usually push through that bit with ease. January I find … Continue reading

Why we love the Dream On Me Pack N Play Mattress

Hi again! Sometimes I like something enough that I feel sharing a few tidbits about my experience with it will benefit people in similar situations. This is one of those times. Here’s my review on this pack n play mattress that seemingly has magical powers over our nap-resisting son. [This post contains affiliate links.]    When John started sleeping over at his grandparents’ place, they got a Graco Pack N Play. We had one already that we’d loved since he was first born but weren’t ready to part … Continue reading

Wise words: Free yourself from negative people

I don’t share things like this here often (you see enough of them on Facebook), however this one explains why I refuse to spend time with people who suck the life out of me: I feel like everyone should adhere to this rule as much as is within their control. Your life spans a short time, and you don’t need to spend it with people who guilt trip or demand your time without contributing anything positive in return. You need to spend it with the … Continue reading

Merry Christmas Eve! Be safe!

I have two very nice DIY projects finished. One saved me around $40 (although I maintain what was gained in money may have been lost permanently in sanity.) Unfortunately their reveal will have to wait until after Santa’s big day to be posted because they are a couple of his gifts. In the meantime, have a safe and happy Christmas! And don’t drink and drive, or you’ll end up on the Naughty List — that is to say the police media release with the list … Continue reading

Dragonfly Cannibalism

I’ve posted about this before, but I just felt like bringing it up again. This happened a few years ago at my family’s cottage: The guy on the bottom is the living dragonfly. This unlucky specimen is the head of the guy on top, whose mouth continued to move the whole time. Yet another thing I had never known could happen (both the cannibalism and the disembodied head moving for an hour or two afterward), discovered up north. Have you ever seen something like this? … Continue reading

Facebook Hashtagging: It’s a Thing Now

The most recent Facebook fad is complaining about people haphazardly tossing hashtags into their posts on the social media site. On June 12, it was announced that clickable hashtagging has been introduced to Facebook. I was away on my honeymoon for a week or so, and that means I’m married now, so I’m doubly likely to have my finger off the pulse of the news world. So, I’m wondering: Is this the reason for the uproar, or is this in response to it? I’m sure … Continue reading

eBay in 2013: A Couple of Things I’ve Noticed in 1.5 Months

I’ve been trying my hand at selling stuff I don’t want anymore on eBay for over a month now, and I kind of like it. The money made is good, but if you scour Google, you won’t see a lot of praise for the way eBay now treats its sellers. Already I can agree with that. The restrictions are never-ending and that probably won’t change. While it’s still somewhat structured and starting to sell is still possible, however, I thought I’d share my experiences. I’m … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I got in a mood. Pregnant ladies call it ‘nesting’, voluntarily (and possibly temporarily) barren women like me refer to it as ‘spring cleaning’. Tomato, tomato. Pretend you read and pronounced both ‘tomato’s differently. (If I were referring to tomatoes plural, not two singular and differently pronounced words, yes I’d have spelled it tomatoes. Individual words, Curtis people!) So I cleaned, is what I’m getting at here. We clean the house every day, because our yard is a mudpit and our dogs love it … Continue reading

Classical Music and Dogs: A Halfway Surprising Experiment

Classical music time is coma time for the dogs. It would be for me too, except that puppy resting means I can get things done. I am also about 2% more peaceful for listening to it, inclined to spin like a ballerina as I tidy the neighbour’s wayward bags of dog poo from our lawn, if I’m not keeping an eye on myself. Don’t credit me for this magical discovery, however. The suggestion to subject them (and myself) to classical was made to me by … Continue reading