Hey North Carolina

This made me upset.  I’m trying to elaborate but I have no few words.  To anyone who has ever had the nerve to think it is OK to control the lives of millions of people they’ve never even met, you need to let people do what they want.  They’re not hurting anyone being in love, so tolerate in the 21st Century already. Share the post “Hey North Carolina” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

I’ve got the time but the time don’t pay

So, I’m in love with a few things lately. Including but not limited to the following bulleted — but not numbered — list. (At any rate, the first thing listed is always the most important, so yes I’m a suck, shut up.) Miklos The incredible spring-like weather, in spring for once Story ideas (I’ve got a few; must sit down and hash something out) A weekend where I only have to work once Birthday in a week Excitement for Hungary is building on a daily … Continue reading

Mistaking Satellites for Stars

I am very, very slowly recovering from the Thrush Hermit show last night at Lee’s Palace. The best word to sum that experience up is WOW. They played every song I wanted to hear, and they blew the roof, the walls, the doors, andthe pants right off that place. On our failed attempt to get Green P parking behind the place, we saw the guys just hanging out beside their van. Got to love how down-to-earth they are. We also stopped at Book City. I’ve … Continue reading

Thank you everyone for your incredible support through phone calls, MSN messages, and Facebook. Whether I’ve had the strength to reply directly or not, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Without you guys, I don’t think I could have made it through the day. It’s not very often I have to be human, thankfully, and I’m trying to cope the best I can. You guys are great. Share the post “” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

People I Don’t Know Who I Say I Would Marry:

Joel Plaskett Bo Burnham Conan O’Brien (goes without saying, after Bo Burnham is listed) Peter Elkas (on occasion) I’m considering Stephen Malkmus formerly of Pavement tonight, too, but let’s face it, that would probably end up in a messy divorce. Share the post “People I Don’t Know Who I Say I Would Marry:” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading