Review: Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speaker with thick bassy sound

Remember this pre-Christmas list? I was delighted to discover that Miklos had this wonderful little sound box I’d mentioned wrapped and under the tree for me! Best! I decided to give it its own review post because it really is one of my favourite things. If you love taking your music with you wherever you go (e.g. parties, outside while you garden, BBQ or work, down by the dock or campfire, or even just from room to room) you will love this speaker. [This post contains … Continue reading

Snowed In / Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

I know I promised productivity, but that’s proven tough this week since getting my second crappy cold in less than 2 months. I am very slowly getting my first sewing project done on our new machine, however. And Miklos painted what will become the nursery. So stuff is happening, gradually. Here’s a very good song with a theme many of us are familiar with tonight: Stay warm, and if you have pets outside, please bring them inside. This polar vortex is unforgiving. How are you … Continue reading

Friday Night Tunes

Rock Plaza Central – (Don’t You Believe the Words of) Handsome Men   Been a while since I posted songs I enjoy. With my laptop dead and having yet to transfer my music over, I hopped over to CBC radio and found an old playlist I liked. This came on. Very good. Rest of the playlist is here, if you’re into that sort of thing. For the record, the first song on the list blows, but I like most of the rest. Share the post … Continue reading

Classical Music and Dogs: A Halfway Surprising Experiment

Classical music time is coma time for the dogs. It would be for me too, except that puppy resting means I can get things done. I am also about 2% more peaceful for listening to it, inclined to spin like a ballerina as I tidy the neighbour’s wayward bags of dog poo from our lawn, if I’m not keeping an eye on myself. Don’t credit me for this magical discovery, however. The suggestion to subject them (and myself) to classical was made to me by … Continue reading

Greatest Videos — March 2013

I thought it might be ‘cool’ if I linked a few of the best videos I’ve seen lately. Although you may have seen them previously, you definitely deserve this video break. PS, I am aware that probably only the Taylor Swift ones is recent and I have come to terms. Kitty Jumping Fail with AWOLNATION – SAIL soundtrack Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble (Goat Version) And, not exactly something I’ve seen just this month, but always a classic: Whose Line is it … Continue reading

Casey Loves this Record Player

The record player works! We tested it out last night with an old record Miklos’s parents loaned us. When Casey heard the music, she immediately ran upstairs. She came back down a few seconds later with her dead-duck toy and started squeaking away, seemingly to the tune of whichever song was playing. You know, we had our [many] issues at first, but I don’t think I’ve ever known a funnier dog than this one. Share the post “Casey Loves this Record Player” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading

Vintage Score

The other night we were driving to meet up with someone when we spotted a curb full of tossed-aside furniture, books, and framed items.  I’m not normally the type to yell “STOP THE CAR” but I did this time (or some variation of it), and I’m glad. We ended up with: An old dresser An old nightstand (these two will be DIY projects on here come springtime) A giant, framed original landscape oil painting signed “Eldon” Smaller framed painting Framed print of a native girl … Continue reading

Gangnam Style No More

Uh-oh!  While PSY is not quite sick of his enormous YouTube and radio hit “Gangnam Style”, he’s probably retiring it. He was reported to have said that he wants to leave the horsey-dancing tune on a high note after his performance at Times Square on New Years Eve. PSY reportedly told MTV: “Being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve is already special – it’s the biggest stage in the universe – plus it’s my birthday, so, with all that, it may be the ending … Continue reading

Apocalyptic Rip-Off

What am I going to do with a wall full of canned diced tomatoes? I was looking to authentically being able to blast this today, but I guess in irony, here’s Matthew Good Band – Look Happy, It’s the End of the World. (Scroll down, the apocalypse is being an A-hole no matter what I do with my formatting today.) Share the post “Apocalyptic Rip-Off” FacebookTwitterPinterestE-mail Continue reading