SOLVED: Black screen after Windows 8 logo during/after install. Frozen? Not quite.

Back in May we decided to install Windows 8 on my laptop. Long story short, my laptop stayed ‘dead’ all summer when we couldn’t find a solution for what happened to it. Fast forward to the past couple days. Miklos was upgrading four computers (three laptops, one desktop) to Windows 8. The installs seemed to have gone well. However, overnight two laptops ran into the same problem mine had. Upon booting up, the new Windows 8 logo would show for a few seconds, and immediately … Continue reading

Windows Live Messenger is Not Dead Yet

What I announced a couple of months back was a vicious lie. Rather it was an untruth, as Windows Live Messenger simply cannot make up their minds about when to go. You may or may not have received this email. As for me, I must have deleted mine. Thanks again to Curtis for forwarding me this information, you need a blog too. For those who have previously used WLM, have you made the transition to Skype? Don’t you find it’s awful? Share the post “Windows … Continue reading