Substance? On this blog? Surely there’s been a grievous error on my part.

When I heard the Juno soundtrack described as “really… weird music” by not one, not two, but probably around five people, I had it in my head that some of these “weird” bands were probably ones I like or have liked in the past. When the Moldy Peaches were mentioned, that thought was confirmed. Being that I could probably use the $11.99 more than Rhino Records, I opted to … borrow the digital format from the internet. My opinion: Pretty darn adorable.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I might.

almost dusk

Should I do my speech on Bukowski, Thompson, or Vonnegut, OR compare and contrast all three? Bear in mind this has to fit into 5 minutes. I probably could not explain all three (let alone one, properly) in that limited amount of time.

Either way, a class comprised mostly of business students will have a limited interest in any of my favourite writers. But I’d like to come to a decision since it’s fast (and I mean fast) approaching. HALP!

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