They cried "The Union forever!"

We did mock collective bargaining today in Comp Admin, and my stars, did my face ever get red! And I would go as far as to say that I took it the least seriously of anyone. By the end of class, everyone was angry and exhausted and hating life.

Ladies and gents, this is the glitz and glamour of the program I’m in. Throw us all into the bull pen together and we all come out maimed, hopes destroyed.

* * *

Some shifty guy tried to pass off two flimsy pieces of paper as twenties at my job tonight.

“That’s… not money at all,” I said.
“I just got it out of the bank,” he replied, naturally.
“There isn’t any braille on it, and there are no blue dots; it also feels flimsy,” I told him.
He shifted his articles around a bit, as he’d been doing before he tried to pass off the twenties. [I later realized that by doing this, he made me miss charging him for one of the items… luckily, we had to void the transaction, and he ended up being charged $36 instead of $30 total.]
So he said to me, “I’ll go get some other money from my truck.”

He went to his big black truck, which I noticed had no front license plate, and no visible temporary license on the dashboard. I paged my supervisor, just to see what she thought, as he came back.

He put three more twenties, a $10, and a $50 bill down on the counter. He said “Look, they’re all like that. Is all my money fake, girls?” Um, probably. If I counterfeited money, I probably wouldn’t have just run off two (2) twenty dollar bills total.
“No,” I said. “This $10 bill you have is real. Braille, and completely different thickness of paper.”

“Listen, ladies, I own a business. I think I’d know if money was fake.”
“It’s a security precaution,” I said. “I’m not accusing you of not knowing the money is fake, but I’m telling you we’re not taking this money.”

He started to get impatient. “This is getting ridiculous, and I have things to do, girls. I can pay for it with credit card if you won’t take it.” (At this time, my supervisor is testing the $50 by rubbing it against paper… no colour rubs off, so it’s also fake.)
“Debit will be fine,” I said.

As I told him to have a nice night, he scoffed at me and left in a huff.

People is bonkers. Oh, and he also tried to get a foot-bath priced at $89.99 for $19.99. But that’s a story for another day.

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