Mo’ Backyard, Mo’ Problems

More outdoor mealtime was had tonight. ¬†Grilled corn on the cob spiced with chili powder. ¬†Delicious! After dinner the task was to install the new and as yet un-torn top of the gazebo. ¬†This challenge was accepted and abandoned with the realization that there is no way the thing goes on without even a bit of tearing. ¬†During our hmming and hawing, two doors west, a dad fiddling with something in his driveway was saying to his daughter “there must be a wire disconnected or ‚Ķ Continue reading

It’s so nice not to know you.

Surround yourself with only positive and/or realistic people. ¬†It makes an enormous impact. ¬†If there are consistently negative and selfish people, hold on to the good memories (if any) and let those people go. ¬†It’s not worth it to drag along a constant anchor of loathing. ¬†Just be around the good folks, help each other through the bad times and always make a mental note when you get to enjoy the good times. ¬† And the indifferent times. ¬†Those are good too. Share the post ‚Ķ Continue reading

Checkin’ out!

That’s right, folks! ¬†I’m moving right on off of this here Planet Earth. ¬†You might say Mars ain’t no better, but it’s livable, they tell me, and it’s sure not inhabited like this wreck of an abomination of a garbage sphere is. Woman marries a building because she loves it Yep, time for me to move on. ¬†I’d invite you all to come with, but I feel like that might wreck the experience of a fresh new (and red!) globe without people on it for ‚Ķ Continue reading


I love Facebook, don’t get me wrong, (well, I don’t love about as much as I actually love about it) but why do people feel the need to post every personal dilemma that happens there? It is not 200-1000 people’s business what happens to you. ¬†Some of us need lessons in self respect. A great quote from a good movie called Easy A: ¬†I don‚Äôt know what your generation‚Äôs fascination is with documenting your every thought‚Ķ but I can assure you, they‚Äôre not all diamonds. ‚Ķ Continue reading

This Christmas, BE NICE.

I shouldn’t have to hate Christmas. Not one day after writing about how I would take the Christmas season in stride, I was reminded that my place of work gives us absolutely no hours to fairly balance workload and accommodate the making of sales that are so important to their world. ¬†(We’ve only made $3000 so far this week? ¬†Goodness, me! ¬†I am so selfish, making a teensy fraction of that!) ¬†There should be some kind of mandatory free access to mental health help that ‚Ķ Continue reading

I strongly advise you listen to Modern Guilt by Beck if you haven’t lately. Especially while driving and not texting. Ambition and motivation. As someone living on this particular place in the world, I have the privilege of having just about everything I need and still being too lazy to go out and claim it. Domesticated life is wonderful but is easy to slump into and settle. What about dreams and goals? Where did those go? I like to blame my college experience on destroying ‚Ķ Continue reading

Welland, you are a cruel and sexy mistress.

“Excuse me, what ethnicity are you?”“…Pardon?”“What ethnicity are you?” “Uh, I have Greek grandparents…” etc. and so forth. This is what I heard in the aisle over from mine before I decided to scope out the weirdo. I strolled casually — if strolling can be done in such a way — to the other end of the store to a row of shelves parallel to where the random was striking up awkward conversation with the pretty girl. I got a good look at him. His ‚Ķ Continue reading

This is getting old.

At times, people have a strange sickness about them when they enter a store in need of a product. All their insecurities seem to fade, and all ‘normal’ behaviour is kicked temporarily to the curb before they must again face the world outside the shop that houses the product they require. Today’s incident involved an elderly woman who insisted to me that someone had told her she could have a product for 20% off, as it wasn’t available a few weeks ago when we had ‚Ķ Continue reading

The Elevator Times

Just now on the way up from the laundry room, I held the elevator for a couple of weirdos. “Laundry day, eh?” said the girl, looking at the basket I held in my hands.“Yep… best day of the week,” I mused.“Yeaaaah!” said the girl. “Get ya clean clothes, go out ‘n party??”“…you got it.” My neighbours know me so well. Share the post “The Elevator Times” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

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