september 1

Spent an unusually relaxing day in the sun at the family’s yesterday and got some colour (hopefully preventing that shaky old Jewish man who comes in to buy paper towels from heckling me about how ‘white’ I am). In lieu of this, today I got a bunch of errands and chores done and thought about just why I’m not taking some of my courses this semester and lightening the load for my final semester. (Other option is waiting until January til the ‘co-op semester’ is done, and finishing it the usual way my program works.)

I wrote down all the pros and cons and came up with the plain and simple truth that if I expect to be able to eat food for the next few months, and possibly for the next 8 months, I should probably wait until January comes because I will be able to afford school much easier with various forms of financial aid unavailable to me this semester.

I feel lazy, but I also feel like I’m potentially saving about $1500 I don’t have available to spend right now. I need to start selling drugs.

But, having written it all out, the fact remains, I feel much more satisfied in my decision to wait. In either case, finishing my courses would take the same span of time (I wouldn’t be done til April), and in this case, I still get to be nourished. WIN.

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