I strongly advise you listen to Modern Guilt by Beck if you haven’t lately. Especially while driving and not texting. Ambition and motivation. As someone living on this particular place in the world, I have the privilege of having just about everything I need and still being too lazy to go out and claim it. Domesticated life is wonderful but is easy to slump into and settle. What about dreams and goals? Where did those go? I like to blame my college experience on destroying … Continue reading

Graduate of…

Grades are up, and that means it’s official. I can start remembering what life was like before I had some kind of credentials, except for the massive amount of student debt I’ll be paying back in the coming years. I’ll update more later. Just felt guilty for leaving the blog sitting here all by its lonesome for a few days. Share the post “Graduate of…” FacebookXShare… Continue reading

Cue joyful profanity!

I’m done, done, done! I finished the last bit of academic hell I had to today, and I am really friggin’ done, I think! Unless the woman I emailed it to emails me back and tells me I f’d everything up. In which case I will switch from dancing around my room like a monkey to storming around town like an angry gorilla, because that’s NOT FAIR! Twenty pages of hell, finished. Anyway, what a weight off my back. I need confirmation that what I’ve … Continue reading

School only feels like it’s out when you’re 8 and it’s summertime.

It feels good to be back to the ‘writer’ roots. When your proposed backup plan (in my case, Business Admin) kind of takes over your life for three years, it’s easy to lose sight of what you really wanted. I love you, writing. I always have. Come back to me. Writers need readers. Readers need eyes. What novel insight. No pun intended. All I know is, school’s done, this report I’m writing is almost finished, which means school will really be done, and my knees … Continue reading

It’s all presentation.

I’d like to write a story about my life, but then I think to myself: what’s the point, if I’d never get to write the epilogue? I think the book, if I did decide to write it without the proper conclusion, would have to be a collection of short stories. My life is never continually interesting, as I’m sure many people’s aren’t. I’d break it into 20 or so defining moments (or just some clumsy memories that are somewhat idyllic), and streeeeetch those stories out … Continue reading

Spilling Mistake

The Local Rabbits will always be a good springtime band for me. Spring of 2006 in Toronto, Spring of 2009 in St. Catharines. There were some college years in between but we’ll just repress all those memories, excluding of course the influential people I met during that time. A few surprisingly great teachers, a few cool people, a few good friends, one of whom I knew only for just over a year but who touched my life in a lot of ways with our common … Continue reading

One more week of clown college.

Apparently, it takes a lot of work to fire someone with a horrible mental illness. The school I attend (at least for another week or so) is a prime example. This week a teacher went ballistic and did a song-and-dance routine while teaching her class about how much she hates the faculty she works with (she’s apparently been found ‘teaching’ to a literal class of nobody before too, so this isn’t a first incident). For about a week, she would update the “status” part of … Continue reading

"Feelin’ Fine"

I’m doing good today. One more assignment to write (well, 3 more to hand in, but one and a half which I’ve completed, and one new one that will hopefully be good enough since I only learned about it today), and I will be fucking graduating!!!!!!!!!!! from this dreadful course. It’s the out I’ve been looking for. And all it took were several nervous breakdowns and a nearly-complete loss of self-esteem. I donated some clothes I’ve been meaning to get rid of to a charity … Continue reading

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