I’m not good enough at lying, so this is serious

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Around 2004, while I was living in Welland, a group of us were racing down a side street (running). I wasn’t fond of the idea, but everyone was trying to get into shape and I was just sort of there. Anyhow, I fell behind and decided to just walk to the end of the road, which ran parallel to some train tracks. There was an alleyway (if you can call it that) between two houses that took you from the street to the railroad tracks, and a path that went beyond that. Lying rather calmly on the ground in that “alleyway”, about 100 feet away from me, was this enormous black cat.

I am retarded, so I considered walking up to reach out and touch what I was seeing because it was so unreal, but I shook the idea out of my head and continued to walk to catch up to the others, staring at it all the while. When I finally caught up, they said “Oh yeah?” because apparently a giant cat roaming the city is not something to be concerned about.

I had never heard of it beforehand. After I told a couple people, I heard that there had been sightings for a couple of years.

Then I saw an article in the paper today. This is it. (Also, the picture printed in the paper shows the actual picture, which is without a doubt a wild cat of some type; black, as I described. Way to make it look like Area 51 in this picture, internet site.)

I’m not crazy!

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