Songs & Stories: This Week

Mean Mad Margaret – Spoon
Sent this to my nana, whose name is Margaret, and who oddly enough has always told us to “kill them with kindness”. (Ahh advice never heeded.) Odder still that my awesome nana uses email and MSN, I’d say.

Before You Leave – Joel Plaskett/Thrush Hermit
I find it really difficult to get over how cool the guitar sounds in this. Also, there’s a pretty cool video of Joel playing it on an acoustic while kind of tipsy (and on the floor) at a house party. Sometimes Joel’s rambles in between song lyrics are endearing, other times I think to myself “his wife must find him such a dork sometimes”. Either way, I admire that man’s musicianship.

Ragged Wood – Fleet Foxes
I don’t care if you’ve already heard it before; I’ve been listening to it all week and it’s been soothing my studying-tortured soul. Something soft and pretty is always welcome in the ears of a Nikki.

supper special at the antiques shop

That new Metric song is growing on me too. “Gimme Sympathy”. Didn’t like it at first, but it’s catching on. I’ll probably be over it by summer. Not posting a link as I’m sure it’s pretty accessible on its own.

Done school! Send me some links to songs you like. Yousendit is a great site to use.

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