Less Than Incredible Tales from Next-door

pretty, front yard view

We’ve moved in to our new house and become observers of unusual phenomena.  From the strange pipe sticking out of the one neighbour’s house that at irregular intervals splashes out a tonne of water into their front yard from who-knows-where, to the older gal who orders a cab at least once a day only to sit in her driveway in it for 15-20 minutes, to the massive heaps of dog poo lying in the driveway of the same lady’s driveway where they keep their 3 large canines in a cage when they have a perfectly nice back yard they could be using.

I’m amused by anything and I enjoy coming to my own conclusions, so this neighbourhood is a real fit for me. I think Miklos is okay with it too. He’s been busying himself making this place look amazing and getting the rest of our stuff over here.  Last night he lay in a mess of the most static-y styrofoam we’ve ever seen, assembling my new laptop cart.  It came with a cable lock!  The cable lock probably cost as much as I paid for the cart total. I like it!

Oh good, my ganglion is hurting. This is atypical of it. Maybe it’s emptying, after 7 years.  Ew, I just looked them up on Wikipedia and I can assure you I do not have it as bad as those weirdos.

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I've been writing since I was in kindergarten where I Crayola-markered an epic tale of a tiger and a balloon on a stack of lined papers folded into a booklet and stapled along the edge (carefully, and by my teacher). I love DIY, sewing, folksy music, animals and getting out to look at and listen to nature.
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