Sad Panda

I’m really not okay with this.

Endangered Bengal tigers among those killed after escaping from Ohio zoo

I understand, yes, the police were not trained to deal with the tigers any other way.  Surely though, there were people who were. Animal control, or, failing that, someone with more wild life expertise that the animal control people could’ve called.  I realize it was a critical situation.  It just seems sad and stupid and wrong for them not to have even tried to do anything other than shoot to kill.  Not to say I expect more or less from people today, but I really think this could have been handled differently, especially when 18 animals killed were part of an endangered species of about 1400 known.

But hey, as long as the human population is thriving and we’re letting awful, awful people have babies without a permit.  Permits!  C’mon!  I’ve even coined a slogan.  “Permits: Hey, They’re Better Than Genocide!” Consider it.

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