This conversation has a real flow to it!

The best show on television which will be ending this year in all likelihood is 30 Rock. ¬†I don’t see a need for a full blog post, but should I die, I think there needs to be a record of this opinion somewhere other than Twitter (my tweets are indecipherable and oft times sarcastic, you might have noticed). OK so I got to rant my little heart and spleen out to someone unfamiliar today and I did it without swearing more than once, and even ‚Ķ Continue reading

Hey North Carolina

This made me upset. ¬†I’m trying to elaborate but I have no¬†few words. ¬†To anyone who has ever had the nerve to think it is OK to control the lives of millions of people they’ve never even met, you need to let people do what they want. ¬†They’re not hurting anyone being in love, so tolerate¬†in the 21st Century already. Share the post “Hey North Carolina” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

‘Wack’ Wedding Photographer Prices

I’m no wedding photographer, but all I can say is “good for this lady” for her detailed response to a very uninformed person’s rant on Craigslist. People are so ludicrous. ¬†Your wedding will cost money if you don’t choose to get married at city hall in a five minute ceremony with no formal reception. ¬†And quality photography also includes the cost of the time spent/research done/fuel consumed in training yourself how to take beautiful pictures. Share the post “‘Wack’ Wedding Photographer Prices” FacebookXShare‚Ķ Continue reading

[Addendum to the Outrage of Yesterday]

I should explain why it bothers me so much that people are so insensitive. ¬†I’ve always been strong-willed and for the most part self-assured (albeit a little off-the-wall), but I know and care about a number of people who are not. ¬†There are a lot of girls working with the public who are affected by such comments, some of whom I’ve worked with who have quickly asked me immediately following, “Am I fat??” ¬†There is no reason any of them should have to feel weird ‚Ķ Continue reading

This is Insane Comma Talking…

I am so happy that today a lady asked me what size jeans I wear and then frowned and said “Yeahh… that’s probably the size I am now, I’ve gained so much weight in menopause.” ¬†SO happy. People ask me why I hate the universe. ¬†Well, no one really asks me anything aside from my jeans size to then call me fat or my personal favourite, “hippy” (not “hippie”, which would at least have some comedic value). ¬†If anyone WERE to ask me something concerning ‚Ķ Continue reading

Chiminey Cricket and the No Thank You Blues

I saw an episode of Holmes Inspection (actually, it was a two-parter) about a couple who had a seemingly gorgeous house, but it was terribly inefficient and also their bedroom was not reinforced so it was bound to one day collapse into their kitchen.  There were heat and water leaks everywhere, as well as squirrel and mouse droppings throughout their attic, and their electrical panel was older than time itself.  So of course, the team went all out and gutted the entire place, even re-shingled … Continue reading

This Christmas, BE NICE.

I shouldn’t have to hate Christmas. Not one day after writing about how I would take the Christmas season in stride, I was reminded that my place of work gives us absolutely no hours to fairly balance workload and accommodate the making of sales that are so important to their world. ¬†(We’ve only made $3000 so far this week? ¬†Goodness, me! ¬†I am so selfish, making a teensy fraction of that!) ¬†There should be some kind of mandatory free access to mental health help that ‚Ķ Continue reading

Happy Orange & Black Spirit Day!

There’s a part of me that believes that by attempting to include everyone in our Halloween celebrations by calling it something else, we are also sort of segregating them. ¬†We’ve all heard about Holiday Trees by now, and surely we’ve heard or even some of us given a rant or two about them. ¬†I am not a big Christmas fan until about the week of, because I work with the public and I see the gruesome commercial side of it (which ironically is my living, ‚Ķ Continue reading

Sad Panda

I’m really not okay with this. Endangered Bengal tigers among those killed after escaping from Ohio zoo I understand, yes, the police were not trained to deal with the tigers any other way.  Surely though, there were people who were. Animal control, or, failing that, someone with more wild life expertise that the animal control people could’ve called.  I realize it was a critical situation.  It just seems sad and stupid and wrong for them not to have even tried to do anything other than ‚Ķ Continue reading

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