Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas (Today)

Yesterday I met one of my many idols to whom I have nothing interesting to say.  If you live in Canada, claim to love music, and don’t know who Alan Cross is, for shame.  Anyway, him.  Three of us got up 3 hours before the crack of dawn and headed to the Feathery Pub in St Catharines (where I think I got bedbugs from a booth seat) to listen to Alan Cross read his version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, which I missed almost in its entirety because the microphones were not amplified, just broadcast out into radio-land.  Cool.  Anyway, it was a fun time and a definite experience I won’t repeat because I have never felt so uncomfortable being awake at such an hour on a day off.  The low, low price of breakfast was donated to Community Care.

See? It was a fun time. Everyone had a lot of fun. Except that wiener kid pouting off to the right. Who let him in a bar anyway?

So that was good, and I learned a lot about regional transit that day (yesterday… just trying to make it sound historic at this early point in time).  Laura even got to meet a filthy hippie from Three Days Grace, so good for her.  I told the guy I would beat her if she didn’t just ask him for a picture, so if he actually comprehended that, which I doubt, it might have been what convinced him to let me take the picture.

Side note: Blackberry Playbook – Great for HD video, horrible for low-light stills.  As with anything other than my precious camera, really. One day I’ll learn.  Decent photos require the carrying around of an extra ten pounds on your already mangled left shoulder. (The right one’s for your purse.)

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